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  In addition to the technical and practical knowledge of the executive director Pedro Pinto, who writes or reviews every article before they are published, we also use research, news and op-eds from world-known experts as an inspiration for our publications, individuals who are part of some of the most renowned websites worldwide, and who sporadically collaborate with our website.
Pedro Pinto Pedro Pinto
Vanessa Pinto Vanessa Pinto
Catherine Solano Catherine Solano
Carlos Eduardo Carlos Eduardo
John Whyte John Whyte
André Bernardo André Bernardo
Michael Smith Michael Smith
Facundo Ilaya Barras Facundo Ilaya Barras
Hélène Baribeau Hélène Baribeau
Tataiana Zanin Tataiana Zanin
Luz Carmen Meraz Luz Carmen Meraz
Claudia Faria Claudia Faria
Seth Gillihan Seth Gillihan
Marília Pinheiro Marília Pinheiro
Frank Ramirez Frank Ramirez
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