Increasing Testosterone Quickly with Supplements


Low testosterone is correlated with some of the worst problems that a man can struggle with. Some of the most common problems include loss of libido, erection problems, loss of muscle mass, increased facial and body fat, increase in intestinal fat, emotional issues, hoarse voice, male breast augmentation, testicular atrophy and lack of motivation.

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What are the optimal levels of testosterone?
Causes of Low testosterone
How to Naturally Increase Testosterone
But how do these supplements work in order to give you all these benefits?
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Increasing Testosterone Quickly with Supplements

What are the optimal levels of testosterone?

As we speak, low testosterone is a common issue. The normal levels that many doctors rely on are found between 250 and 1200 ng/dl of testosterone. Yet, in my opinion, 250n g/dl is a value extremely low that does not make you feel like a real man.

It is a level that makes us feel devastated. Therefore, in my opinion, trying to keep our testosterone levels above 500 ng/dl would be the ideal. The higher, the better.

Causes of Low testosterone

There are many factors that make testosterone levels drop below the optimum level. Here is a list of the most devastating things for your endocrine system:

  • Chemicals and their ability to mimic estrogen.
  • Eating the wrong foods and/or eat at the wrong time.
  • Not sleeping enough.
  • Excessive use of plastics.
  • Use of cosmetics with xenoestrogen.
  • Body fat, especially in the belly.
  • Absence of exercise or wrong workouts.
  • Stress and anxiety.

How to Naturally Increase Testosterone

There are countless ways to increase testosterone without having to go for synthetic steroids and prescribed medications. Here are some of the most effective ways to increase testosterone levels:

1. Sleep more

The correlation between not getting enough hours of sleep and low testosterone levels is crystal clear. This relationship has been thoroughly studied, and research indicates that when we enter the REM cycle of our sleep, the testosterone production and growth hormones are activated, and work profusely.

Therefore, you should sleep more to increase testosterone levels in a natural and free manner.

2. Start eating organic food

Today’s commercial food has too many chemicals that drop testosterone levels.

Today’s commercial food has too many chemicals, many of which mimic the action of estrogen, and estrogen (a female hormone) is directly associated with a decrease in testosterone levels. With that in mind, opt to eat natural food, because it will increase your testosterone levels and your health in general.

3. Throw away your chemical-filled cosmetics

Your shampoos, soaps, toothpaste, deodorant and colognes have a large number of xenoestrogens and estrogen-like hormones. They also contain many other unhealthy chemical compounds, so you should consider avoiding these products.

There are natural alternatives that work like them, or even better as a matter of fact, and this is the most important thing you can do as a man, because those products will not drop your testosterone levels.

4. Exercise properly

Short, high-intensity exercises with plenty of lifting and squatting will significantly increase testosterone levels.

Weary sessions of aerobic exercises drop testosterone levels indeed, but short, high-intensity sessions with lifting increase the production of testosterone and growth hormones. There are several studies on this topic, but it’s something easily noticeable without those.

Compare the muscle mass of a marathonist and the muscle mass of a 100-200m sprinter. The latter is much more anabolic.

This also applies to bodybuilding exercises. Short, high-intensity exercise with plenty of lifting and squatting will significantly increase testosterone levels. As we have said, long training sessions with a low volume of lifting and many repetitions do not lead to testosterone spikes in the blood, so try to avoid them.

5. Don’t eat many small meals throughout the day

Our bodies were not built to eat a balanced meal every 3 hours. All meals, whether they are made of proteins, fats or carbohydrates, lower our testosterone levels for some time. This is due to the response of our body to produce insulin and cortisol release during digestion.

So, is there any logic in continuing to lower your testosterone levels every 3 hours? To avoid this, you should eat quickly and then go into fasting. Like cavemen, who hunted on an empty stomach, and, after finally hunting a prey, they would eat in large amounts. And, of course, their systems were filled with natural testosterone!

6. Take testosterone supplements

Testosterone supplements were designed to raise the testosterone levels in your body. This is the hormone that gives men their traits and male profile, and usually a man needs testosterone supplements after he hits his 40s, when the natural production of testosterone starts to slow down.

Pills and other natural testosterone supplements have plenty of benefits and can ensure a full body transformation in any man. They comprise natural elements and plant extracts, known for their properties to spike testosterone levels.

These pills help to increase your muscle mass and reduce body fat.

Testosterone is the hormone that gives you a bulky look. More than that, it is also a hormone that has the ability to burn fat, so these supplements help to change your body composition, allowing to have a more slender and muscled figure.

Some of these supplements will also help increase libido, while guaranteeing you solid and proper erections. Not only they will increase testosterone in your body but they will also improve the blood flow in your penis. Natural testosterone supplements may improve your performance in bed and help you last longer during intercourse.

These natural pills also help to improve the quality of your sleep. And since testosterone is also accountable for influencing your mood, taking them will make you feel happier and have a better disposition, helping you sleep better.

But how do these supplements work in order to give you all these benefits?

testosterone supplementsIn_order to increase testosterone to buff up or to improve your sexual performance, meeting certain amounts is absolutely crucial. Therefore, you must to take a supplement, do some physical exercise on a regular basis and maintain a balanced diet. If you combine these three things, you may possibly increase testosterone safely and efficiently to achieve your objectives easily.

Although the market provides several supplements to increase testosterone, not all are efficient and cover two things: proper muscular and sexual performance. Many testosterone boosters rely just on the goal of intensifying the work of bodybuilders, allowing them to quickly gain muscle mass but have little to say in sexual performance.

If you struggle with erectile dysfunction and have erection issues you should go for a good testosterone supplement.

If you struggle with erectile dysfunction and have erection issues, or if you simply want to improve your sexual performance to properly satisfy your partners, you should go for a testosterone supplement whose action also encompasses the sexual aspect, besides testosterone itself. We recommend on our website the best for that, to the bottom of this article.

All supplements are intended to increase the body’s testosterone and HGH (human growth hormone) by boosting their production in larger quantities with the help of several plant extracts, carefully selected for this purpose.

The aim of all supplements is to increase testosterone, while boosting muscles for those who hit the gym, and sexual performance. All of them have a wide range of action, but those we recommend focuses primarily on men who want to increase testosterone with sexual goals, have better erections or fight any sexual condition, usually the symptoms of erectile dysfunction.

If you have hit your 50s, these supplements are probably your best option, given that your goals should be sex-related. But if you are younger and want to be able to benefit from a testosterone supplement that will help improve your sexual performance and, at the same time, allow you to have a more sculpted and muscular body, they also cover this part.

All these testosterone boosters that we recommend are quite efficient for every man who, besides wanting their sexual performance improved, also want to increase his muscle mass and do some exercise regularly. So, let's look at some of their benefits:

  • They increase of testosterone levels in approximately 30%.
  • They help a faster recovery after a workout.
  • They help in reduction of muscle pain after a workout.
  • They increase the sexual performance, allowing stronger erections.
  • They increase your sexual resistance, helping you to last longer in bed.

 increase your testosterone levelsAlthough these are the major benefits of such supplements, the truth is that the increase in testosterone levels does not only improve sexual performance and build muscle mass. Testosterone is very important and has many other benefits, such as:

  • Increased bone resistance.
  • Mood control.
  • Prevention of depression (lack of testosterone is one of the reasons why women struggle more with depression than men).
  • Sleeping more and better.
  • Enhanced energy and optimism in all life situations.

As you can see, the advantages of taking a supplement to naturally increase your testosterone levels can be many. They can make you look younger by years. They can turn you into a man with an improved energy, strength and looks.

But, obviously, supplements will not make miracles and if you want to get the maximum benefit from yours, you must maintain a good overall health and that it is ensured by a proper diet and some exercise.

A healthy and balanced nutrition is not the same as dieting. Instead, it’s a regimen that includes all food groups, but where should give priority to white and lean meats, as well as vegetables and fruits, at the expense of carbohydrates and saturated fats.

Exercising (for those who do not want to achieve muscular hypertrophy) does not imply hitting the gym or lifting weights. Exercise can simply be walking once in a while, taking the stairs instead of the elevator or go to the café without taking the car.

These supplements have the ability to help any man who wants to increase his levels of testosterone and HGH, the human growth hormone, but, obviously, a fat and sedentary man, who spends his days sitting behind his desk and, at the end of the day, sits on the couch watching TV and eating snacks, cannot reap the same benefits as a man who has an active work or does some exercise and has a proper diet.

Increasing Testosterone QuicklySo, if you want to increase testosterone, a good supplement is essential and accomplishes this part, but you should also keep healthy life habits to benefit from all the advantages offered by the supplement, while also maintaining a good overall health.

Testosterone supplements are widely used by men who engage in competitive sports in order to increase resistance and strength. Of course, since they increase your stamina to intensify your workout, it also gives you strength to increase sexual performance.

These supplements contain a very advanced formula that lets you get all the benefits of increased testosterone levels without any kind of side effect, something that may take place with the use of steroids or testosterone shots.

As we get older, testosterone levels start to decline naturally and need an external stimulus to recover. After the 30s, the decline starts to be constant and the moment comes when some men have to rely on a testosterone supplement to keep themselves in shape, particularly people who do bodybuilding or begin to struggle with sexual issues.

After 45, it’s normal to notice some sexual problems, especially some difficulty in getting and maintaining strong erections, and all these issues usually have to do with low testosterone. This is an embarrassing problem, since it affects a man’s confidence and thus increases his weakness in bed, because these issues are intertwined and impair the performance considerably, especially with new or occasional partners.

But testosterone spikes with a good supplement, the problem vanishes and confidence goes back to previous levels, allowing a man to continue to have a pleasant sexual life.

Besides sex, a robust and ripped body is something important for any man, and since high levels of testosterone help burn fat and build muscle, these supplements can help you to maintain your good physical shape.

When testosterone drops, men get tired much more easily. Whether that happens in the gym, where the exercises completely shatter you, or in day-to-day situations that leave you tired for no apparent reason. With these supplements, energy levels are restored, and life returns to its normal course in little time.


This kind of supplements is definitely a recommended product to all men who want to continue to be an alpha male. These supplements combine several benefits in just one pill. Their regular intake allows you to gain muscle mass, improve sexual performance, increase energy levels and help to maintain a young and good-looking body.

It’s difficult to ask more than this!

By implementing some of the aforementioned measures, and after understanding some of the facts, you should have a bit more knowledge about the role of testosterone in your body. Now, you are also aware of how you can significantly increase your testosterone levels.

And the best part is that everything is natural and not expensive. There is no need for doctors, patches, shots, appointments or anything like that. These are the natural methods made by Mother Nature!

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